Little League Team Faces A Pesky Problem

Dixie Little League team is concerned by the mosquitoes bothering them during practice.
By Melissa Adan

LUBBOCK, TX-- The Dixie Little League is concerned about mosquitoes. The team practices for a couple of hours in the early evenings at Lewis park.

The bugs are distracting their players and they are constantly stopping and swatting the bugs away. They complained about being itchy and having a lot of bug bites.

"You can see them itching out on the outfield or scratching at them pushing them to their side," said Dixie Little League coach Eric Mendoza.

However, they are committed to their sport.

"It is a major problem, but these kids are tough and they love baseball so they'll play no matter what," said Martinez.

It's important to keep in mind the Four D's: Drain Dress Dusk/Dawn and DEET.

Make sure to drain free standing water, if possible dress in long sleeves and long pants, try avoiding being out in dusk or dawn as these are mosquitoes favorite times of day and use deet found in insect repellants.

For more information on the Four D's visit Children's Healthcare System.
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