Lubbock Couple Remembers 9th Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Clyde Scott and Tanya Richards moved to Lubbock nine years ago when Hurricane Katrina devastated their hometown. Nearly a decade later, they want to go back home.
By Melissa Adan         

LUBBOCK, TX-- Nine years later and some still call Lubbock, their home. Clyde Scott, 57, and Tanya Richards, 57, evacuated from New Orleans when their home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 

The couple still lives in Lubbock and are hoping to move back to their hometown next year.

"Everybody's in New Orleans, but us," said Scott. "They try to tell us to come on home-- we don't need to be out here by ourselves. So, we're trying to get back home."

Scott and his wife Richards are asking the Red Cross for assistance in getting home. 

"When we came here we didn't have nothing at least when we get back, we will have everything that we lost, with a little bit more.," said Scott.

Many evacuees have since left Lubbock, but still a few remain in the Hub City.

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