Man Found Dead in Downtown Law Office, Suspect Arrested

A man was found dead in a downtown law office, and the suspect was arrested for his murder.
Jestin Hooker, image from Lubbock Co. Detention Center
Jestin Hooker, image from Lubbock Co. Detention Center
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- Lubbock Police found 61 year old Steve Wallace lying dead on the ground in a downtown law office, early Wednesday morning, and then arrested 27 year old Jestin Wayne Hooker for his murder.

According to Police, they got a call about a disturbance around 2:30 Wednesday morning to 1402 Texas Avenue, which houses a law office. When they arrive, they found Wallce lying on the ground with traumatic injuries.

When EMS arrived, they pronounced Wallace dead. Police then took Hooker in for questioning, and later arrested him on charges of murder.

"When he was taken into custody, he wasn't under arrest at that point," Sergeant Jason Lewis with Lubbock Police said about Hooker. "He was taken back to the Police Department and asked to give a statement about what happened."

Police said there are three different people who all claim the law office as their residence, though Sergeant Lewis was not exactly sure on how long they had all lived there or how often they stay there.

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