Street Fair Attracts Large Crowds At 4th On Broadway Festival

The 4th on Broadway street fair attracted large crowds on Friday's Fourth of July festival.
By Melissa Adan

LUBBOCK, TX-- Street Vendors at the 24th annual 4th on Broadway street fair attracted huge crowds on Friday.

Coca-cola vendors like Bill Eubanks has been selling drinks at the street fair for nearly 20 years and he said it was a success.

"We love doing this for the community," said Eubanks. "It's been hectic but a lot of fun, a lot of friends and family down here."

Large crowds also meant long lines, but people did not give-up on getting their drinks and food.

"We've been trying to get food, but the lines are so long, but other than that we are having a blast out here," said street fair participant Vanessa Mendez.

The street fair is an annual event along with all the Fourth of July celebrations by Broadway Festivals in Lubbock.

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