KAMC's History Short

KAMC is the ABC network affiliated television station serving the entire Lubbock, Texas metropolitan area. Its transmitter is located in Lubbock. KAMC is licensed to broadcast on UHF channel 28 at 2,000 kilowatts and digitally on channel 27, also on the UHF dial. It is licensed to operate at less than one kilowatt under a Special Temporary Authority, but has filed a construction permit to increase power to 1,000 kilowatts as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission.

KAMC was acquired by Mission Broadcasting in late 2003 as part of Nexstar's acquisition of Quorum Broadcasting; most Mission stations have local marketing agreements with Nexstar stations in the same market; in this case, it is KLBK in Lubbock. KAMC’s syndicated programming includes Entertainment Tonight, Montel Williams, and Rachael Ray.


KAMC first began broadcasting in the fall of 1968 as KSEL-TV. Originally an independent station, KSEL soon began broadcasting some ABC programming which was previously split between CBS affiliate KLBK and NBC affiliate KCBD. After a few months of sharing secondary affiliations with the local CBS and NBC affiliates, KSEL-TV became the primary and exclusive ABC affiliate for the Lubbock market in the fall of 1969. A few years later the station changed its call letters to KMCC, then later to the current KAMC. From 1979 to 1986, KAMC applied the former KMCC call sign to a satellite station on Channel 12 in Clovis, New Mexico that is currently operating as KVIH-TV, now a satellite of Amarillo, Texas ABC affiliate KVII-TV. KMCC is now the callsign for the unrelated NTSC channel thirty-four and ATSC channel thirty-two in Laughlin, Nevada.

KSEL-TV entered as a competitor to established KLBK-TV (as noted above, a fulltime CBS and parttime ABC affiliate) and NBC affiliate KCBD-TV, and recent sign-on (and smaller signalled) channel 34 KKBC-TV (later KMXN-TV). KKBC-TV operated from 1967 to 1973. A new ch 34 began on the channel in 1981.

KSEL_TV drew resources from sister stations 950 KSEL (AM) (now KJTV (AM)) and 93.7 KSEL-FM (now KXTQ). The stations had unified sales staffs (spots were sold on both radio and TV by one sales force, which often voiced spots or appeared in commercials or as on camera talent i.e. Bill Maddox was Sales Manager and Late News anchor). All stations were owned by R.B. Mac McAlister, his son Bill, the department heads at the stations (A.C. Ace Wimberly, Bill Maddox, Lew Dee, Bill Baker, etc).

KSEL-TV filled air time with many movies, each acommpanied by an on camera host. Lew Dee (aka Lewis T. d'elia)hosted a movie shoe, in addition to cohosting "This That and the Other" on radio and KSEL-TV. The news department gathered and delivered news for all three stations.

The radio stations were sold to other interests in 1974-1975, and moved out of the shared building at 1201 84th street in south Lubbock (in picture) though the FM transmitter remains at this site. KSEL-TV changed names to KMCC (later KAMC) and invested in equipment (RCA TCR-100 video cartridge player) and programs, including the syndicated "Mash" episodes. Between growth of ABC shows in the late seventies, an improving news operation, and M*A*S*H the station became a real player in the early eighties.

A satellite station was added in 1979. KFDW-TV Clovis NM had rebroadcast KFDA-TV in Amarillo for many years, under the same ownership (once the Bass Brothers) from 1966 to 1976 and under Mel Wheeler from 1976 to 1979. The McAlisters changed call signs to KAMC-TV (which triggered a complaint from KAMR in Amarillo which was carried on Clovis cable). The call signs were exchanged so that KMCC became the Clovis call, and KAMC the Lubbock one.

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