1970--40 Years To Change - GP2010

A massive storm has just struck downtown lubbock, all persons take cover May 11th, 1970 would become the day that would forever change lubbock texas. The worst area of destruction started where we now know as the overton area and then moved across avenue q in the area what is now the civic center. When it was damaging the light towers on jones stadium, it was actually also causing damage to metro tower downtown at about the same time The mile-and-a-half wide tornado... Later given an f-5 rating... Was estimated to cause 150-million dollars in damage... Today-- that would be about a billion-and-a-half dollars. The tornado leveled much of downtown lubbock... Leaving nearly 3-thousand families homeless. On may 11th that was all small residential houses... But it was shortly after the tornado struck... Mayor tom martin says the citizens of lubbock came together... Approving a bond to build whats now the civic center, the mahon library and 15 city parks... The community even re-building whats known as the guadeloupe neighborhood amid racial tension. Lubbock had been a community where it was just coming out of the days of racial segregation and the community hadnt still fully integrated itself. By 1974...The south plains mall was constructed... Further shifting residential development away from downtown and south and west of the city. Now 40-years later, martin says there were two positive outcomes that came of the devestating tornado. First, a more integrated community... And second, a true lubbock revitalization... It was a monday night when this massive tornado ripped through downtown lubbock. Mother nature dramatically changing the landscape of our city...And some argue...It was for the better. For Get Prepared 2010, im Allison Morrison.

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