Reuse Warehouse opening in Houston

By Laura Elizabeth May
Green Right Now

Count the city of Houston among the growing number of municipalities and groups gathering up old stuff — to keep it out of the landfill and recycle it for new uses.

In this case, Houston is now accepting donations of construction and home materials, which will be made available to any nonprofit organization at no charge.

A $150,000 grant helped to created the Building Materials Reuse Warehouse. Construction workers or home builders simply drop off extra ceiling fans, faucets or anything left over. The products then get a new home at a nonprofit organization instead of filling up the landfill. More than one-third of the waste in Houston is directly related to construction and demolition material.

The warehouse is currently mostly lumber and the grand opening is not until June in hopes of obtaining more donated materials.  Visit the website to see the hours of operation for the warehouse and rules for donating and shopping.

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