Stuffed Pork Chops

Stuffed Pork chops, at least 1" thick Or can be used to
stuff pork loin or tenderloin.

1. For stuffing, in a saucepan cook , pound sausage, , 1 chopped
apple, and cup chopped onion, for 5 minutes or until sausage is
cooked through. Drain fat. Stir in mix cup corn bread stuffing
and, 2 tablespoon parsley; add apple juice to moisten. Remove
from heat; set aside until cool.

2. Trim fat from chops. Cut a pocket in each chop by cutting a slit
in the meat and working the knife inside to cut almost to bone,
keeping original slit small. Spoon stuffing into pockets. If
necessary, secure with wooden toothpicks. Sprinkle Outdoor Chef
Pork and Poultry (or your favorite seasoning) evenly over both
sides of the pork chops; rub into meat, if using Pork Loin, cut
almost through center and keep opening up till you have a piece
about thick, stuff and then roll and tie up.

3. Prepare grill for indirect grilling; test for medium heat above
the drip pan. Place chops on the lightly oiled grill rack
directly over the drip pan. If using an oven, 300 degrees on a
sheet pan or cooking rack in a sheet pan.

4. Cover and grill chops for 35 to 40 minutes or until an instant-
read thermometer inserted into center reads 145 degrees F,
turning chops once. This will vary due to thickness of your
chops. If doing a Loin, it will take at least one hour.
with apple butter every few minutes during last half of grilling
if desired. If using wooden toothpicks, remove them before
serving. Serve with grilled sliced apples, if desired

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