Anonymous Rancher Donates Hay to Wildfire Victims

BROWNWOOD, TX - A Texas rancher donor provided 550 bales of hay worth $41,250 to ranchers who suffered due to wildfires last week in the Texas Panhandle, along with part of Oklahoma and Kansas.

The rancher only required one thing in exchange: his anonymity.

Gayle Jones, office manager of the Comanche Livestock Exchange, said a Facebook post started by Comanche residents must have gotten out to the right people.

Jones said he posted on Facebook asking if anyone could donate time and trucks to transport the hay. Soon, numerous posts were coming in from people not only wanting to donate their time and trucks to haul the hay, but several donating hay bales by the dozens.

Another Texas rancher, Andrew Wheeler, joined forces with fellow ranchers to transport 106 bales of hay on three 18-wheelers to Ashland, KS.

"We had an abundance of hay, and they had nothing," Wheeler said. "So, we just wanted to help them out, we just wanted to bless them with what we have."

Many ranchers said it is just the Texas way.

"I think it says a lot about Texas, I think it shows that Texas takes care of Texas," Jones said.   "And they will take care of the other guy too. Oklahoma and Kansas, you know. I am just proud to be a part of it."

Citizens of all kinds, including 17-year-old Cody Guidry, were pitching their time in to help.  Guidry dedicated his spring break to loading up hay bales that will be transported to the panhandle. 

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