Christian Castro Wanted for Bond Violation

LUBBOCK, TX - An arrest warrant was issued Tuesday for Christian Castro, 21, of Lubbock by State District Judge Jim Bob Darnell. 

The judge’s order for an arrest warrant said, “The defendant, Christian Castro, has violated his conditions of bond.  The court is revoking the bond in the case.”

The order did not say specifically which condition of bond Castro violated.

Last year, Castro was charged with assault/strangulation in a domestic violence case.  He was also charged last year with retaliation for threatening the wife of a police officer when he was arrested for the domestic violence case.

Castro was able to make bond in both pending cases.

Castro became known to the public after police named him as a person of interest in the murder of Mark Ysagaga.  Ysasaga was 15 years old when he was listed as a missing person.  His body was found three years later.

Castro was never charged with murder. 

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Castro’s former roommate, Jose Simental, was charged with murder in 2015.  Simental pleaded out last year to a lesser charge of tampering with evidence.  Simental agreed to seven years in prison for the plea deal. 

No one else was charged in the Ysasaga case. 

On Wednesday, a business called Lubbock Bail Bond wrote on Facebook that there is a reward for information leading to the arrest of Castro.  It did not say how much the reward was. reached out by phone and by Facebook message to Lubbock Bail Bond for more information.  An update will be provided if possible. 

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