Balanced Diet Best for Student Success

Published 08/25 2014 12:33PM

Updated 08/27 2014 05:46PM

Covenant dietitian, Allison Jones recommends parents prepare school lunches the night before.

"Getting stuff together first of all helps you to eat a healthier diet and also saves you money," said Jones.

As you prepare your child's lunch box, Jones said it's important to build a balanced meal.

"We want to make sure we've got some kind of protein, some kind of carbohydrate, some kind of veggie and then we want some kind of fruit."

She said a healthy beverage is just as important, meaning no sodas and limit the amount of fruit juice.

"Water, you can use any of the Crystal Light flavorings, those are easy to stick in a lunch box or the sugar-free Kool-Aid drops you can drop in water," Jones said those are the healthy options.

To parent with picky eater, Jones says keep trying.

"Trying to introduce things a couple of different times," she said, "Probably, you want to do that at home when you can supervise them."

A head start to an "A+" year starts with a healthy diet.

"It also helps them to stay alert and pay attention in school," said Jones.

She recommends parents take their children grocery shopping and compromising with them for healthy meal choices.

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