Vaccine Fears Causing Harm, Leaving Children Vulnerable

Published 07/08 2014 11:46AM

Updated 07/08 2014 12:12PM

LUBBOCK, TX -- New research shows vaccinations to be both safe and critically important.  Specifically, a link between vaccines and Autism has been shown not to exist.

Dr. David Gray, a pediatrician with the Covenant Medical Group, said, “I’d much rather a child not get sick, than manage the illness after it occurs.”

Gray think part of the problem is that vaccines work so well that we take the control of deadly diseases for granted.

“How many people know first-hand of polio?  And yet, there used to be thousands of children in iron lungs or permanently crippled from polio,” Dr. Gray said.  “And it’s completely out of our mind now.”

Mary Callaway, a local nurse, said she deals with the skepticism of vaccines almost daily.

“Whenever they come in for vaccinations they have lots of questions,” Callaway said.

“I feel like social media has also done a lot of damage – [People] saying on Facebook, “Don’t get your kids vaccinated because of what happened to my friend’s child when they were vaccinated.’”

But the negative influence of social media is waning, Callaway said, although it does still exist.  

“There are children in California dying of pertussis, completely preventable deaths,” Dr. Gray said.  “We’ve had a pertussis outbreak in Lubbock.  It is completely preventable by vaccinations.”

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