Water Safety for Summer Fun

Published 06/23 2014 09:39AM

Updated 06/23 2014 10:56PM

This time of year water safety is high on the list of preventable accidents that happen, that according to Dr. Richard Ranne with Covenant Hospital.

"Never swim alone," said Dr. Ranne, and he said it's best to never boat alone.

"If you are boating, be sure for children 12 and under at all times have a safety vest on, he said, "You can get attractive ones, but they are still safety vest."

Staying cool this summer is key.

Dr. Ranne said he sees a number of sunburns.

"You just have to use an SPF of 30 or above and apply it ever two hours for safety," he said.

He said it only takes five major burns in your lifetime to increase your chance of developing Melanoma by 30 percent.

Those are the basics when it comes to safety vet and sunscreen, but Dr. Ranne said water toys can be dangerous too.

"If you are going to use high powered guns you should have goggles," he recommended.

Dr. Ranne said the number one problem when dealing with pressurized toys, like water guns, is eye injuries.

He said to let the kids have fun this summer, but never leave them unattended and know what to do in case of an emergency.

"If you find someone submerged in the pool, immediately they have to be gotten to the surface," he said, "Its not necessarily out of the pool, but the head has to be elevated."

Simple mouth to mouth resuscitation with chest compressions maybe needed if the person is blue coming out of the pool.

Dr. Ranne says 911 should be the first point of action so a medical professional can quickly get to the scene.

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