Heartbeat : Community Outreach Class about Strokes

LUBBOCK, TX - Covenant recently started a community outreach class all about signs and symptoms of strokes.

Susi Mitchell is the stroke coordinator for Covenant Medical Center. She said the class started thanks to a presentation put together by Leni Alejo, a masters student at LCU.

"We're pushing out this education out into the community. So we're coming to you, we're coming to your business, to your worship center, to your organizations, to your community events, and we're tailoring it to fit your needs," Mitchell said.

They did their first class a few weeks ago and they will do these classes for anyone who wants them.

"It's more meaningful if we're in your surroundings, if we're at your business, like restaurants for instance, strokes happen there, people are eating and having a stroke." Mitchell said. "If we're at your business, your surroundings, you're more apt to learn the information."

If you want to schedule a class, call Mitchell at (806)725-1630. 

Covenant also has a stroke support group. They meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 1:30 p.m. at the Garrison Institute on Aging at 6610 S. Quaker Avenue.

You can watch this week's segment below:

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