Heartbeat : Exercising in the Summer Heat

LUBBOCK, TX - While kids may be getting ready to go back to school, there's still time left to enjoy the summer months and exercise outside.

For kids, that could include starting up sports again.

Dr. Ron Skaria said there are some things you can do to get ready for exercising in the heat.

"Know the conditions, you have to know not only the temperature, but also the relative humidity," Dr. Skaria said. "And those are combined in the heat index, and it gives you a much better idea of how hot it really is outside, rather than just the temperature."

Dr. Skaria is a sports medicine physician with Covenant Medical Group. He said there are also times when it's better to be outside.

"The best times are in the mornings or in the evenings, probably before 10 or after 6, but depending on your environmental conditions for the day," he said.

A big part of keeping healthy in the heat is staying hydrated.

"Stay very well hydrated, with plenty of fluids starting hours before you go out, and then continuously staying hydrated during your sport or activity," he said.

There's also signs to look for if you are worried about heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

"Heat exhaustion is your body trying to react to the heat, it;s starting to get a bit overwhelmed and your getting symptoms like nausea, headaches, a little bit irritable as well, and you might start feeling, seeing some goosepimples on your skin," Dr. Skaria said. "Heat stroke is a core temperature of 104, plus changes in your mental status."

He said when it comes to signs of problems in the heat, it may be harder to read the signs in some people.

"Children may not show the same symptoms as adults, they might become a little more cranky or irritable rather than showing the typical complaints an adult might give," he said.

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