Heartbeat : Heart Health Month

LUBBOCK, TX - February is Heart Health Month and to wrap it up, this week's Covenant Heartbeat looks at the story of a man who had a heart attack at the Covenant Lifestyle Center and the quick action that helped save his life.

Randy Brackeen said he can be found working out at Covenant Lifestyle Center about five days a week.

He said Covenant Lifestyle Center saved his life.

Seven weeks ago, Brackeen was finishing up a workout class at the center, when he said he started to feel bad.

"I felt a little weak, a little dizzy, a little nauseous," he said.

He said from there, a number of trainers and employees came to help him.

"By the time Carla got around, I was having some pain in my heart, but before then it had just been mild symptoms, but I could tell something wasn't right," Brackeen said.

That's when Dr. John Zias made his way over to Brackeen.

Dr. Zias had been doing his own workout there that day, and saw the commotion.

"He was quite fortuitous that he was working out in right next to a hospital with a cardiologist right next to him," Dr. Zias said.

That's when they took Brackeen right over to the Emergency Room and starting running tests, which confirmed Brackeen was having a heart attack.

"Found his artery to be closed and opened it up quite quickly," Dr. Zias said.

"Right place at the right time, huh?" Brackeen said.

Now, seven weeks later, Brackeen said he's feeling great. He said he wanted to thank all of the people who came to help him out that day.

"I brought each one of them a little package of lifesavers, because they were lifesavers for me," Brackeen said.

Dr. Zias said there are symptoms you need to look out for when it comes to a heart attack. 

"If you're just sitting around, and all of the sudden develop chest pain, shortness of breath, sweating, it's best to get it checked out," Dr. Zias said. "I'd rather a person come in crying wolf a few times, than miss a person who is having a heart attack and see them a few days later, who's not fortunate enough to have their vessel opened quick enough like Randy."

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