Heartbeat : New 3D Mammography Technology

LUBBOCK, TX - Covenant's Arrington Comprehensive Breast Center and Covenant Levelland now have some new technology that's helping with breast cancer detection by 3D mammography.

"We are trying to detect more breast cancers and this is the newest technology to do so," Dr. Cassy Cook said.

Dr. Cook is the lead interpreting physician at the Arrington Breast Center. 

"We can pinpoint lesions much easier," Dr. Cook said. "We're also able to see through certain breast tissue that's very dense, so women that previously didn't have as good of detection rate on normal mammograms, this provides a much better detection rates."

Lindsey Kennelly, the manager at the Arrington Comprehensive Breast Center, said she's had this new 3D imaging done.

"It's great," she said "Like I said, it's not much different than the normal mammogram, you have to hold your breath just a little bit longer, but other than that, you're standing in the same positions you always do, the compressions are the same, so it's really not a big deal."

"It was very interesting to watch the radiologist scroll through the layers of the breast, so you know they're looking through every portion of that breast when they're looking through it," Kennelly added.

The goal of this new technology is to help with detection.

"Our goal is to decrease the rate of breast cancer and increase the rate of early detection to save lives, so the earlier we can detect things, the more lives we can save," Dr. Cook said.

The folks at Arrington Comprehensive Breast Center said you do need to ask for 3D mammography and there has to be a physicians order for it. They also recommend you check with your insurance provider to see it if is covered.

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