Heartbeat : Physical Therapy Month

LUBBOCK, TX - October is National Physical Therapy month. To wrap up the month, a therapist at Covenant's Outpatient Therapy showed off their equipment and what they do.

At their facility inside Covenant Southwest, they have a lot of equipment that makes it look like a normal gym.

"This is kind of our weight machine section, we have a leg press," Kate Barnett said. Barnett is an outpatient physical therapist at Covenant.

"We're the movement specialists," she said. "We deal with patients after they've had surgeries, if they've had sports related injuries, whether they're trying to avoid surgery, what we would call pre-hab."

She said they have all kinds of equipment to help out, including things like treadmills, elipticals, weight machines, a pool, bikes, and even an antigravity treadmill.

They also offer a program called Transition to Wellness for their patients, which helps them go from physical therapy to working out on their own.

"The transition is mentioned because it doesn't go on forever, but it does offer patients the ability to learn techniques and tools they can do on their own to get to a gym, or if they want to buy equipment at home," Barnett said. "So it's a really nice transition piece for them, going off on their own, because a lof of people can be nervous about that."

She said as a physical therapist, she helps people get back to doing things they enjoy.

"It's them coming in with that goal, seeing it through, and then seeing them do it at the very end," she said.

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