Heartbeat : Talking About Your Blood Pressure

LUBBOCK, TX - Your blood pressure can play an important part in other parts of your health. Covenant's Dr. Angela Ferguson explains why it's important to be aware of your numbers.

"In general normal is 120 over 80 or less and anything over 140 over 90 is considered elevated," Dr. Ferguson said.

"What we're doing is measuring the flow of blood, actually the pressure of blood, in the vessel at two separate times in the hearts beating cycle, measuring it at the hearts maximal pumping and at the hearts resting," she said.

To keep your blood pressure in check, Dr. Ferguson said you should keep a healthy weight, exercise, and watch your salt intake.

"Healthy lifestyle choices can really help keep blood pressure under control," she said.

When it comes to checking your blood pressure, Dr. Ferguson said it can be a good idea to check it when you're not at the doctor's office.

"If you have a problem or suspect a problem, measure it outside the office, because it almost always the case that blood pressure is higher when you're in the office," she said.


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