Heartbeat: Working on a Work-Life Balance

LUBBOCK, TX - One part of health you may not think about is a work-life balance.

Dr. Chandra Lasley, a marriage and family therapist at Covenant Horizon's Clinic said a work-life balance is a balance between the needs of your work life and your personal life.

"I think the first thing we have to realize when we think of work life balance is, when we think balance, we think 50-50, but it's not 50-50." Dr. Lasley said. " Most of the time there's a tilt to it because of who we are and the time we are at and what we need to do."

She said one way to improve that balance for you involves looking inward.

"It's good to just step back and take a look, how is it working out for me right now? Do I feel like I'm spending so much time at work that my relationship with my partner or with my son or daughter is suffering? Do I feel like I don't have enough time for myself to even just breathe and have breakfast?" she said.

Dr. Lasley also said it's important to not just talk about possible solutions, but to also do them. By working on that work-life balance, she said it can also help with your overall health.


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