Heartbeat : Wound Care Awareness Week

LUBBOCK, TX - A week in June each year is dedicated to wound care awareness.

Dr. Jesus Hidalgo is the medical director of the Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine at Covenant.

"The important of the wound care is, if you take, for example, one of the population of the non-healing would is diabetic, those patients, when they develop an open wound, their mortality is super high. We're talking about 50% mortality in four or five years," Dr. Hidalgo said.

This year, Wound Care Awareness Week was June 5 to June 9.

"Most of the non-healing wounds, they get stuck in one of the healing phases, that is the inflammatory phases," Dr. Hidalgo said. 

He said there are many ways to treat these wounds, including cleaning the wounds each week and also using advanced tissue therapy.

They also use oxygen therapy.

"When you're breathing, you're getting nitrogen and oxygen, so you don't get 100% oxygen," he said "So here, we give you 100 percent oxygen under pressure, so those oxygen molecules that are very small, so it reaches places you need it."

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