Healthcast : A Recommendation of Age Kids Can Drink Juice

LUBBOCK, TX - No fruit juice for children under one. That's the new recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which previously advised no juice under 6 months old. The group said it's making the change since child obesity rates and dental issues are on the rise. 

New research shows antibiotics do not help nearly one in four adults who get pneumonia. Doctors looked at over 250,000 adults who contracted pneumonia outside the hospital.

A study from The Ohio State University finds filtered cigarettes have no health benefits and have likely contributed to the rise of a certain form of lung cancer deep in the lungs. Researchers think the ventilation holes in filter cigarettes actually allow smokers to inhale more smoke that has higher levels of toxins.


1 - American Academy of Pediatrics

2 - American Thoracic Society

3 - The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center 


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