Healthcast : A Study on a Drug for Blood Sugar

LUBBOCK, TX - A drug that lowered blood sugar levels for diabetics also reduced the risk of cardiovascular and kidney disease. The study in the New England Journal of Medicine also found the drug canagliflozin lowered blood pressure and lead to weight loss.

Only 55 percent of doctors and nurses know a penicillin allergy can resolve over time. That's according to researchers at Rochester General Hospital in New York. Previous research showed about 20 percent of people with penicillin allergies are still allergic ten years later, meaning many people are needlessly avoiding the popular antibiotic. 

A new study of more than a million babies finds most preemies do not grow up struggling in school. Researchers at Northwestern said two-thirds of babies born at only 23 or 24 weeks were ready for kindergarten on time. 


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