Healthcast : A Study on Body Mass Index and Cardiovascular Health

LUBBOCK, TX - Researchers in Denmark report a higher than normal body mass index, or BMI, can harm cardiovascular health even in those as young as seventeen.  Doctors said the new data highlight the importance of tackling obesity from an early age to prevent heart problems. 

A new study suggested patients undergoing the most common surgeries for obesity end up with significant changes in intestinal microbes that may help them keep weight off for the long term. The findings may pave the way for new obesity therapies. 

Researchers in Utah said patients struggling with Hepatitis C may be helped by a new drug called sofosbuvir. Doctors tracking nearly 2,000 people with the condition found 40 percent fewer patients needed liver transplants after taking it. 

Sources : 

1 - European Society of Human Genetics

2 - Arizona State University 

3 - Intermountain Medical Center

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