Healthcast : A Study on Cancer Patients Logging Symptoms

LUBBOCK, TX - Cancer patients who logged their symptoms online and get immediate feedback from doctors and nurses have a better survival rate. That's according to a study of 766 patients in New York City. Researchers said medical staff were able to adjust treatments and provide counseling which helped increase survival rates.

New research found women who breastfeed for two months or longer after a Caesarean birth report three times less chronic pain at the surgical site than women who stop breastfeeding early. Pain lasting more than three months affects one in five women who have C-sections.

Researchers at the University of Iowa found having a conversation in the car either on the phone or with a passenger slows down reaction time by about 40 milliseconds. Each time the brain is distracted, the delay grows, having a snowball effect. Researchers said conversations caused eye-movements to slow down too.


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