Healthcast : A Study on Changes in Your Blood and Brain Tumors

LUBBOCK, TX - A new study found changes in the blood can signal a growing brain tumor five years before symptoms appear. Researchers at Ohio State University said interactions between proteins and immune cells are weakened years before a diagnosis is made.  

New research showed delaying mealtimes can impact the 24 hour cycles of sugar levels in the body. Scientists in England said moving the timing of meals may help shift workers or people who are jet-lagged resynch their body clocks.

Compression tights may be popular with distance runners, but new research found they don't help runners go farther or faster. Researchers at Ohio State University said the tights greatly reduce muscle vibration, but they don't reduce muscle fatigue. Still, they said, there's no harm wearing them .



2 - Current Biology

3 - American College of Sports Medicine's annual meeting

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