Healthcast : A Study on Email as a Tool to Quit Smoking

LUBBOCK, TX - Email might be a good tool for quitting smoking. A study by the American Cancer Society found promising results from  frequent, tailored emails with motivational messages and tips for quitting. Research found those messages got a success rate just as good as the most effective anti-tobacco medication. 

Being overweight as a child can lead to a lifetime of depression. New research found people who were overweight at eight or 13 years old have triple the risk of developing major depression at some point in their lives. The study was presented at the European Congress on Obesity.

The CDC warned of a rising number of infections from a parasite that gets into swimming pools. Known as crypto, the bug causes upset stomach for up to three weeks. 32 outbreaks were reported in 2016 which was double from two years earlier. The CDC reminds swimmers never to swallow the water.


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