Healthcast : A Study on Moderate Drinking and Brain Health

LUBBOCK, TX - Drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol may lead to a decline in brain health. A study in the BMJ tracked more than 500 adults over 30 years. It found those who drank moderately, between 14 and 21 drinks a week, were three times more likely to show a decline in cognitive skills.

A separate study looked at how alcohol affects women after menopause. It found heavy drinking leads to a greater loss of muscle mass, which can affect balance and the ability to perform basic daily tasks. The research tracked more than 2,000 women and was published in the journal Menopause.

Nutrition experts were surprised by the results of a study about the benefits of adding eggs to a child's diet. Research in the journal Pediatrics found eggs significantly increased growth in young children, far more than expected, and reduced the number that were underweight. The study followed babies in Ecuador six to nine months old, who were fed one egg a day. 


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