Healthcast : A Study on Opioids Prescribed for Seniors with Non-Surgical Conditions

LUBBOCK, TX - Nearly one third of seniors hospitalized with non-surgical conditions have poor outcomes when doctors prescribe opioids for pain, according to a new study that tracked more than 10,000 seniors in New York State. Researchers said doctors should use other pain management options including acupuncture, tai chi, heat therapy and exercise.

A common antidepressant prescribed to women during pregnancy is linked to malformations in infants according to a new analysis. Findings show women who took the drug fluoxetine increased their chances of having babies with cardiovascular malformations by almost 40-percent.

A study of three and a half million people shows obese people who are considered generally healthy still have a 50 percent increased risk of developing coronary heart disease and experiencing heart failure.


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