Healthcast : A Study on Screening Newborns for Congenital Heart Defects

LUBBOCK, TX - A new study in JAMA found fewer babies die in states that have implemented mandatory policies to screen newborns for serious congenital heart defects.

Ohio researchers said teenagers are more likely to contemplate and attempt suicide when their parents don't show that they care about them. They found teens, especially 12 and 13 year olds, were more likely to have suicidal thoughts if their parents rarely told them they were proud of them.

There are two new studies about the dangers of traffic pollution. London researchers said mothers exposed to roadway pollution are at an increased risk of having low-birth weight babies. A study at Duke University found pollution can cancel the positive health effects of 2 hours of outdoor exercise for people over age 60. 

1 - The JAMA Network Journals
2 - University of Cincinnati
3 - BMJ/Duke University

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