Healthcast : A Study on Sudden Unexpexted Infant Death Rates

LUBBOCK, TX - Rates of sudden unexpected infant deaths are down overall, but rates among Native American and black newborns are still high according to the Centers for Disease Control. Researchers think it's due to biological or cultural differences.

A daily aspirin does not lower risk of stroke for some AFib patients. Researchers in Salt Lake City looked at patients diagnosed with atrial fibrillation who received a catheter ablation. They also found long term aspirin therapy could raise the risk for intestinal and genital bleeding for those patients.

A Canadian study found women who are pregnant when it's cold outside are less likely to develop diabetes compared to women who are pregnant when the weather's warm. Researchers think exposure to cold activates a type of fat that improves a woman's sensitivity to insulin.


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2. Intermountain Medical Center


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