Healthcast : An Initiative to Deal with the Opioid Health Crisis

LUBBOCK, TX - The director of the National Institutes of Health published a special report outlining the government's new initiative to tackle the opioid health crisis. The plan, found in the New England Journal of Medicine, called for developing better ways to cut down on fatal overdoses, finding new medications to treat opioid addiction, and finding non-addictive options to manage chronic pain. 

A new study in JAMA Cardiology suggested lowering the current recommended levels for blood pressure may significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death. Researchers at Tulane University found the group with the lowest risk had a top blood pressure number between 120 and 124.

New teen drivers are three times as likely as adults to be involved in a deadly crash, according to new research from Triple A. The latest government numbers also showed fatal teen crashes are on the rise, 10 percent more than the previous year. Researchers said the number one problem is teens being distracted by talking to passengers or looking at their smartphones.


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