Heartbeat 6-15-14: Henry Wise Benefited from TAVR Procedure

Published 06/15 2014 11:44PM

Updated 06/16 2014 12:25AM

LUBBOCK, TX -- Covenant Health System says Henry Wise and other patients benefit from a new multi-million-dollar operating room that allows for highly specialized heart surgery.

Wise, 82, of Roswell had heart surgery for the first time in 2002.

“After that I came back and really felt better,” Wise said. “Then gradually about a year ago I had this difficulty breathing.”

“I was concerned with age and his history of getting chemo and steroids,” said Dr. Juan Kurdi. “It would be very hard for him to recover from opening his chest again.”

The procedure Dr. Kurdi planned for Mr. Wise was a TAVR – or transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

A catheter is advanced through the leg into blood vessels leading to the heart. The catheter is positioned at the site of the aortic valve and then doctors open the valve with a balloon while the heart is still beating.

Dr. Dennis Eastman was also part of the team to operate on Wise.

Eastman said, “The advantage that Covenant has is that we recently opened the hybrid operating room which is a several-million-dollar operating room.”

When Dr. said “hybrid” he meant that it has both operating room equipment and highly specialized radiology equipment.

“So, it enabled us to do this procedure and we are the first hospital in the region that has the ability to do this between probably Phoenix and Dallas,” Eastman said.

Wise said he feels great.

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