A Man Walks Across America to Raise Awareness for Human Trafficking

Published 02/05 2014 09:48PM

Updated 02/05 2014 10:12PM

By Anne Parker

"I started in Santa Monica, California on September 9th. I've gone 1200 miles, I'm going through Florida, and then Virginia Beach. I've got 2800 [miles] to go," says Oklahoma man Chance Stephens.

Stephens is walking across America to raise awareness and financial support for Tiny Hands International, an organization that fights human trafficking in Nepal.

"Whenever I was in the military, I heard about human trafficking and I actually wanted to change my job instead of working on jets to do something about women being trafficked and sold into slavery," Chance says. 

Chance tells us that three of his friends growing up were sexually abused.

"I wished I could do something about it. I was worried about their hearts and their bodies and what had been done to them," he explains. 

Through his Walk America campaign, Chance is looking for churches, schools and other places for speaking opportunities about Tiny Hands International.

Don't be fooled, his journey hasn't been easy.

"Probably people turning me away," Chance explains his hardest moments. "Calling someone up and saying 'hey, can I crash in your front yard or your church lawn, and they say who are you? what are you doing?"

Since 2009, Chance says Tiny Hands International has saved 130 women and girls each month from sex trafficking.

"Only 2% of women in Nepal know that human trafficking even exists. So, 98% of 15,000 women that are trafficked each year have no idea whats about to happen," Chance said.

$160,000 is his goal... some of that will go to help him finish his walk, and he plans to give back the rest.

"Tiny hands has a budget of almost $500,000," Chance says. "I know the more money they can get, the more money they can pay to intercept women."

Every day chance walks 15 miles and it is his faith that keeps him going through the rough times.

"They also share the gospel with each girl that's rescued... and that's important."

To learn more about Chance's Walk America Campaign, or to make a donation, go to his website: AChanceFor.Com
To follow Chance on his journey- Instagram: AChanceFor/ Facebook: AChanceFor/ Twitter: AChanceFor
To learn more about Tiny Hands International, or to make a donation, go to: http://www.tinyhandsinternational.org/human-trafficking

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