Alumni Association Optimistic About Tuberville's Hiring

 While lots of alumni remain fired up over Leach's firing, lots of university officials are just hoping things can move forward for the good of the school.

Over at Tech's Alumni Association, the hope is the hiring of Coach Tommy Tuberville will convince a lot more alums to renew their support for the university. Since Coach Leach was fired, Dr. Bill Dean has spent his time answering hundreds of angry e-mails and phone calls, but the phone calls have subsided now that Coach Tuberville's on board, leaving Dr. Dean optimistic.

"I've talked to a couple of my colleagues in the Southeastern Conference and they have nothing but good things to say about him. Not only his ability as a coach, but a good citizen in the community, apparently he's willing to go talk to alumni, so these are all big pluses," says Dr. Dean.
He's now getting about half a dozen angry e-mails a day.

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