Ames Shows Text Messages to Back Claims Against Crosbyton Police Chief

Published 03/16 2014 01:42PM

Updated 03/16 2014 01:56PM

By James Clark

LUBBOCK, TX -- On Friday Crosbyton Police Chief Greg Parrott denied allegations of stalking and abusing his power as a police officer. Parrott is on paid leave pending a meeting of the Crosbyton City Council on Tuesday.

Parrott claimed that woman making the allegations of stalking and abuse, Dana Ames, is an ex-girlfriend. She is also a law enforcement officer in another community.

On Friday Parrott said Ames had “a reputation of making false claims.” She then provided copies of text messages to back up her claims against Parrott.

The messages did not come directly from Parrott but from a Midland police officer claiming to quote Parrott in July of 2013

“Greg called,” one text said. “He tells me that he will change and he sent me this to send to u.”

“Hi. Tell her that I love her. That I have done a lot to improve our situation. I WILL be going down there. I am not afraid of her brother, sister, or her family. I love them. I really do,” the text said.

“Tell her I would like for her to call me so we can talk, and my visit is not such a surprise. If not, I will just find her….”

“She is not the only one with investigative skills. I am not going for confrontation, but for reconciliation. It would be in her best interest to call me. She doesn’t want me showing up at her department…”

Then, at that point the text makes a sexually inappropriate comment.

Ames referenced the text as part of a written complaint she made to the Crosbyton City Manager in mid-January. Parrott was placed on leave on March 5 amid three complaints he was aware of one complaint that he said was not yet explained to him.

Parrott absolutely denied the Midland police officer was speaking on his behalf in text messages, saying, “No, I never said that I would just find her and show up.”

“I don’t know what [the Midland police officer] may have told her ‘on my behalf,’” Parrott said.

The Midland officer, when contacted by phone, did not confirm or deny the validity of the texts.

Parrott also said, “I have asked the mayor and city manager to contact the Texas Rangers and ask that they look into the allegations against me. The allegations are of a serious matter and deserve to be investigated. I should not be treated any differently than anyone else.”

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