Anonymous Donor Gives AC Units to People Trying to Stay Cool

LUBBOCK, TX - With temperatures expected to be in the hundreds this weekend, many people without air conditioning are trying to stay cool. One good Samaritan donated at least four AC units to the Lubbock Police Department. The officers plan pick up and deliver the units tomorrow to some lucky families.

Sergeant Steven Bergen told us the donor heard a story about a man in Fort Worth who helped an elderly man with an AC unit.

“He just said he wanted to provide us with some AC units, if we could utilize them. And I said, ‘Yeah we come across those situations all the time,’” Bergen said.

Melissa Lopez is one of those residents with no air conditioning in her home.

“Without that AC, it is getting a little unmanageable,” Lopez said. “But we are on a budget, so we have a little bit to work with and not much, so it makes it rough."

She has four kids and worries about dehydration.

"I always have to make sure my kids are drinking lots of water and don't have on a lot of clothing because it is just too hot for that.”

Lopez is not alone. The phone has been ringing off the hook at air conditioning repair shops.

"As soon as the temperatures started getting hot. People are just turning on their units, I guess. That is a big mistake,” Phyllis Crable of Jay Young Plumbing, Heat and Air Conditioning said. “They need to be turning them on around March. We are just getting tons of calls."

A broken AC unit can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to fix and up to a thousand or more for a whole new unit.

Sergeant Bergen told that he believes the free units have already been spoken for, but faith-based and charity organizations may be able to help those in need. While only a few people will receive the free units from the donor, the officers hope the gesture will inspire more people to give back and the chain of giving will continue.

"It's really humbling. It is great that people out there care like this,” Bergen said. “Man, if this starts something up, then great, and we will continue to help out in any way we can."

Lopez says the donation is amazing during these triple digit days. 

"That's amazing-- that's unheard of. So, even if I can't get one of those, that's amazing. Good luck to everybody who can."

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