Bar Owner Discusses Busted Cop Impersonator

LUBBOCK TX - The Spoon Owner David Wilde said in hindsight, it seemed like no one was ever in real danger, but he wasn't so sure when a suspect walked into his packed bar over the weekend and impersonated an undercover officer.

"The first thing he did was walk in here and said, 'How loyal are you to your customers,' [to the bartender] of course, she was taken aback by that, and he opened his wallet and said, 'Well, I'm trying to do a drug bust.'"

Wilde said 36 year-old Seth Jackson also spent time asking customers for drugs, and claimed he was an undercover agent.

His story didn't add up, so he called police.

"While I was on the phone with LPD, he wrote a note to my bartender saying because he's not a normal police officer, he's a higher-ranking official, and doesn't need a warrant for my information," Wilde said.

When officers arrived, the suspect stuck to his story.

"It's a scary thing when somebody's going around representing themselves as a police officer," Wilde said, "That raises red flags. You've gotta wonder how many times he's done this before, and is this just the first time he's gotten caught."

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