Bike Community Speaks Out After Hit and Run Turns Deadly

Lubbock Police on Tuesday identified the cyclist who lost his life in a hit and run collision at South Loop 289 and University Avenue, as Joshua Allen Noble. The cycling community spoke out following the accident, saying sometimes driving on busy roads is unavoidable.

“Inside of town, especially on the South side, there are not a lot of places to cross the Loop,” Cam Mencio of Velocity Bike Shop said.

Mencio has been biking around Lubbock for 10 years. He says they often see bikers being bumped or clipped, but not a lot of fatal accidents.

"Most of the stuff is very minor, you know,” Mencio said. "We are not there on purpose just to be in your way. That's the hard part is sharing the road. Sharing goes both ways."

But sharing can be tough.

Tuesday morning, police said 20-year-old Joshua Allen Noble was riding his bike on the access road when he was hit by a car, that drove off. Another driver then hit the bicycle that was on the ground, stopped, and stayed to help Noble. He was taken to University Medical Center, where he later died.

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An officer nearby heard the accident, followed a trail left behind by a pickup truck, and arrested 38-year-old Casey Baker. Baker is currently facing charges, including 'intoxication assault’, but those charges may be increased.

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Police said this is the first fatal bike accident this year, and they haven't seen one like it in the two years before that.

Cam Mencio said that for many people, it’s their primary means of communication.

"We service a lot of bikes for a lot of people who have to have them. It is how they get to and from work, and a lot of that entails riding at night,” Mencio said. "That's when it gets a little scarier. People don't see as well in the dark."

He said  invest in reflective clothing and lights,  before you climb on a bike. He added there are vests you can put over your clothes, in case you are coming home in a dark colored work uniform.

"Be visible. Make yourself brighter, make yourself more noticeable,” Mencio said. “You might feel silly wearing the colors, but it will save your life."

Mencio said that riders have to try to avoid major roads.

“There are ways to get around not on the main roads. Yeah it's a little longer, but it's a lot safer.”

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