Boston Creek Apartments Gathering Food for the Holidays

Published 11/21 2013 07:37AM

Updated 11/21 2013 07:41AM

Boston Creek Apartments is gathering food for the South Plains Food bank to help them get ready for Thanksgiving.

Residents are bringing in most of the donations but Manager, Kelly Stark, said you don't have to live here to help.

"Having Boston Creek be a new property with all new residents we really wanted to offer events that people could donate and give their time in case they couldn't do something on a weekly or monthly basis or something like that."

Kelly Stark and the Management team at Boston Creek Apartments are gathering non perishable food items for the South Plains Food Bank and they encourage anyone in the area to stop by to donate.

"Our residents have been really instrumental, a lot of our vendors have dropped stuff off, but we're really trying to get the community part of it involved."

Stark said she chose to donate the food they gather to the South Plains Food Bank because it helps so many people locally.

"They're really good. They help the whole entire South Plains area and with the holidays it's just they could use a lot of help supplementing with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and stuff like that so we thought we'd try to help."

Giving is great but Stark said in this food drive you also have a chance to receive a turkey when you make a donation.

"As soon as you drop it off we have these little tags with names, phone number and information,  just basic contact information and then we'll go ahead and do a raffle right before Thanksgiving so people can come and pick up the turkey."

Stark hopes the food they collect will make a difference, no matter how small.

"This is just a little way to help but it's important and every little can helps."

You can drop off donations at the Boston Creek Apartments main office at 44th & Boston until 10 am on Wednesday November 27th. 

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