Burn Ban: Be Cautious When Cooking Out

BURNBANpkg2008-05-02-1209781058.jpgWith the dry, windy conditions, grass fires are a big threat across The South Plains. And if you live in the city, the Lubbock Fire Department is encouraging you to put away the barbeque grill. For those of you out in Lubbock County, theres still a burn ban in effect. That means absolutely no cook-outs and no burning of any kind. Using a grill inside the city limits is permitted, but fire officials say with our current conditions, its a dangerous thing to do. "One little spark is all it takes," says Lt. Mark Etheridge of LFD. "No matter where you live, either in the city or the county, one little spark is all its gonna take to cause major problems. These problems are going to continue on, so just continue to be very safe with any fires or any sparks that you may have outside."

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