Caballero Family Speaks Out After Shooting: "He Was Just Trying to Help a Friend"

LUBBOCK, TX - Three generations, two families, and countless loved ones brought together by an unimaginable loss. 20-year-old Peter Caballero was shot and killed, after a social media sale went very wrong. 

"We were just blindsided by everything," Peter’s older brother Joseph Caballero said. “Full of just energy you know, non-stop energy. We couldn't keep up, pretty much." 

They called him Junior, after Peter Caballero Sr., his father. 

"He was always there to help somebody. He was larger than life," his father said. 

They said he died trying to help a friend, and that’s the kind of person he was. 

"He put his life on the line for people all the time,” Joseph said. “He was pretty much fearless. He wasn't afraid of anything." 

According to court documents, Caballero's friend had arranged to meet Prince Richards, through Facebook Messenger, to sell a Gucci belt and some marijuana. That friend got in Richards car, but his phone was taken and someone in the car with Richards pointed a gun at him. Richards then took the items and even searched him for more to steal, before driving off. Documents stated that victim told his friends he was robbed, that's when Caballero chased after the car, and was shot.

 "He wasn't even part of it,” Joseph said. “He was just trying to help a friend out and he got shot for it." 

Wednesday night, police were able to arrest Richards, who’s charged with murder and being held in the Lubbock County Jail. 

"I’m just happy that he's off the streets, so another family doesn't have to be going through this,” Peter’s father said.

Peter leaves behind a daughter, the spitting image of her dad, a son on the way, and countless family and friends, like Misty Rowan. Rowan said became a “second mom” to Peter, after his mom passed away from cancer. 

"It's just going to be hard not to have those random texts and phone calls from him,” Rowan said. “And knowing she has to grow up without her dad.” 

His other brother Xavier said he finds comfort knowing Peter is with his mother now. 

They all said he's gone, but never forgotten. His legacy lives on in the eyes of his little girl. 

"I would just say keep them [family] as close as you can. You never know what’s going to happen,” Joseph said. “It doesn't matter if you just tell them you love them or you are glad to see them." 

If you'd like to help the Caballero Family lay Peter to rest, CLICK HERE.

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