Caretaker Arrested After Discovery of Missing Toddler's Body

    A South Plains town coming together in mourning Thursday night after a heartbreaking discovery in Crosbyton.
    Police say they have found what they strongly believe to be the remains of two-year-old Leah Marie Aguirre.
    Police have charged a Crosbyton woman with capital murder after discovering little Leah Marie's remains in what many say are calling the most surprising of places, the same house from which she was supposedly abducted earlier this month.
    An amber alert was issued Tuesday after the two-year-old's caregiver told police she had been taken by a man pretending to be a cps case worker.
    Now that caregiver Matilda Almaraz is in jail charged with the baby's murder.
    As Crosbyton police chief Greg Parrott told the media today Leah's body was found carefully hidden in the basement of Almaraz's home.
    Crosbyton residents gathered Thursday night for a vigil in baby Leah's honor.
    About thirty people met about a block from the home where her remains were found.
    They lit candles, set out teddy bears and listened to music.
    Many quietly prayed.
    The organizer of the vigil says since they live in a small town any tragic event feels even worse and hits closer to home.
    Chief Parrott says they expect to conduct an autopsy Friday to find the cause and time of death.
    He says they also have many interviews to conduct and plan to search cars owned or used by Almaraz.
    Almaraz remains in a Crosby County jail cell.

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