City Preparing for Mosquitoes

"Since the rains have came through lately were starting to see some more mosquitoes."


The recent rainfall is bringing out more and more mosquitoes.  And that means Lubbock's vector control is out and about.


"We'll spray propelled water droplets that spray larvacide onto the lakes"


Lubbock's Vector Control has ten trucks they send out around Lubbock.


They focus their attention on standing water and high grass.


"Anywhere there's a drainage or water can stand we'll treat those areas."


Vector Control Supervisor Glenn Heinrich said the daytime spraying is done to prevent mosquitoes from hatching, while the nighttime spraying is done to kill the already mature adults.


"During the day were dipping water sources checking for larva and pupas and then we'll spray those and try to kill them before they become adults before they become a nuisance."


Even with the spraying, Terminix supervisor Cody Jackson said mosquitoes will still be around.


But there are ways to protect yourself.


"Wear loose clothing use insect repellent that has deet in it and make sure your grass is mowed because that's where they'll harbor in the daytime and come out and dawn and dusk"

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