City Warning Residents to Keep Their Yards Clean

LUBBOCK, TX - The Code Administration Department (CAD) conducted a neighborhood deployment for nine hours Wednesday, scanning the areas around 34th Street, Interstate 27, 50th Street and University Avenue to identify property violations.

"We usually start in the early spring. We will do a deployment once a month, pick different neighborhoods that need addressing," said Deanna Jandrew, registered code enforcement officer for CAD. 

Violations included "junked vehicles, nuisance weeds and rubbish, substandard housing and zoning," according to the department.

They also talked to the public to provide education regarding violations. This included reporting violations and abating the ones given during Wednesday's exercise. 

Many citizens appreciate the city's work "especially if they live in a neighborhood that needs attention. They are really thankful that we come out and make people aware of what needs to be done," said Jandrew.

Next month's deployment is tentative and locations are determined a week in advance, according to a representative from the department. 

If you have any questions or want to report a violation, call 311.

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