Cold Weather and Gas Prices

Just like the temperatures, gas prices just keep on dropping. And the freezing temperatures didn't keep folks away from $1.34 gas at Bolton's on 82nd and University this Tuesday.

But the cold weather could also play a big role in what you get for your buck. When it's cold, the fuel contracts -- meaning it won't burn in your engine as efficiently. Thankfully, this cold snap should be in and out of here quickly, so the gas stored underground should remain at about 60 degrees and mother nature shouldn't interfere with your gas mileage too much this time around.

$1.34 gas has many folks wondering, could it ever hit below a dollar?

Daniel Hunsaker, filling up on cheap gas: "I think the last time i remember gas being under a dollar was when i was first here at Tech and that was at least ten years ago. So that'd be pretty neat to see that happen."

Charles Bolton, Bolton's Oil and Gas: "It looks like it could. It's surprising to me that it is as low as it is right now."

Bolton says folks shouldn't get their hopes up too much about gas getting below a dollar, saying it's very unlikely, but of course adds that anything's possible.

One tip to prolong your tank in the cold, go easy on the accelerator.

Constant stopping and starting uses a lot more fuel than just easing on and off the pedal.

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