Community Fundraises for Officer's Medical Bills

LUBBOCK TX - In November, Abernathy Sergeant Terry Edge suffered severe spinal damage in an off-duty car crash.

"He's hanging in there, Terry's a fighter. He's always been the one in the group that's tough, and the one that's picking on us a little bit, making us do better," Longtime Friend CJ Peterson said.

Friends and family have been by Edge's side both physically and emotionally ever since the accident.

"We mentioned before he's had ups and downs, and today he's not quite 100% of what he was, but you've gotta take them in stride and know that for bad days, there's good days coming," Cousin Charlie Senter said.

Peterson said they're hoping to send the officer to the Craig Institute in Denver, believing it's his best shot at a full recovery.

"This is the number one facility in the nation, so we really don't want to take any chances taking him anywhere else. We want the best chance to help him rehab and have better quality of life."

They held a fundraiser Sunday at Jake's Backroom, looking to the community for financial support.

"He's my cousin, basically like a brother, we grew up wrestlin' each other, hide and seekin', shooting BB guns, you name it," Senter said, "I want to see him back the way everybody knows Terry back."

Though Peterson has known Edge his entire life, he said he'd do the same to help out any brother in blue.

"It's my passion, that's what I do every day. And we don't have to know each other, we can be people from all over the world that are in law enforcement, not even just in Texas...that's what we do, just help each other out."

Family said despite setbacks in the healing process, Edge is making slow progress.

"Everybody that knows Terry knows he's very stubborn, he does not quit, so if you tell him he can't do something, he's gonna do it," Senter said, "And that's the Terry that I want through rehab...I wanna see that again."

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