Community Leaders Talk Solutions to the Synthetic Drug Problem

LUBBOCK, TX - After Lubbock Police confiscated more than hundreds of grams of synthetic pot from a smoke shop, leaders in the community said they won't stop until they eliminate it from our city. 

"It's not getting better. It's getting worse,” City Councilwoman Karen Gibson said. “When we take down these places and bust these places, it doesn’t do anything but make me smile." 
Police seized over 400 grams of  that substance from a shop called Smoker’s Choice. Court documents show the shop was raided back in October, but police have been called to that business several times since May, finding suspects in possession of the substance.

All this comes just days after Anthony Carter, formerly with Tobacco Road smoke shop, was sentenced to 90 years in prison for possession and intent to deliver synthetic marijuana. 

"These people that continue to sell it and think they are going to get away with it. They may once or twice or for a while, but eventually they are going to get caught and they are going to get shut down,” Gibson said. 

Cole Watts helped found Stages of Recovery. They offer a comprehensive program, with intensive outpatient treatment, life-coaching, and sober living for men, women, and teens. He said that working towards a solution is a collaborative effort.

"I think that the law enforcement efforts are obviously a good idea as far as the decreasing supply part of it,” Watts said, “and then there is also the decreasing demand side of it, which is where we are." 

He said it's important for our community to focus on both sides: preventing drug use, as well as sales. 

"So the more effort that we put into building up the community, providing safe havens for people to come and talk about their issues, being vulnerable in schools, and more collaboration," Watts said. 

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