Coronado Village update

LUBBOCK TX - Neighbors on 39th and Avenue D told Monday that they were scared to show their faces on camera after a young girl said she was taken against her will.

"I think that everybody is looking for that red car, and we haven't seen anything suspicious since then," an anonymous neighbor said, "We were just really shocked that something like that would happen, our neighbors all know each other, we all know our kids, it's just disturbing to hear something happened right here near my house."

The girl, whose name is not yet released, got the attention of police on Friday night and said she was being held in an abandoned apartment complex near Coronado Village.

Coronado Village Leasing Agent Lisa Sandoval said the scene was terrifying.

"We were just freaking out, I have kids and I ran to my house and I saw all of these cops," Sandoval said, "I knew they were looking for somebody bad and I told my roommate to lock the door and not to open it for anyone, because I didn't want whoever they were looking for to come into our home and hurt our kids."

Shelia Dixon witnessed one of the arrests at the complex Friday night.

"When I came outside, I saw the laws [police] and they were right here in this apartment 27," Dixon said, "They were there for a while and I don't really know what was going on, I just happened to come outside and see them standing down there at the apartment." confirmed that police did arrest two people near the Coronado Village Apartments on Friday night, but police still aren't sure if these suspects are related to the incident.


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