Cotton Farmers Race to Replant Before Crop Insurance Deadlines

LUBBOCK, TX - For cotton farmers on the South Plains, it can be a waiting game for the right planting conditions. Farmer Steven Brosch told us this year was no different.

“Sometimes mother nature throws you a curve ball. This year it was lack of rain, until about a week ago,” Brosch said.

They wait and prepare for the right amount of rainfall, so they don't waste expensive seed. When the ground is moist enough, then it becomes a race against the clock.

"Once it hit, we got after it. And it has been some long hours," Brosch said.

These farmers are racing against deadlines. Their crops must be in the ground by a certain date, depending on their county, in order to qualify for crop insurance. The deadlines are based on first freeze dates, and help farmers plant with enough time to have a full growing season.

That deadline was June 10th for Brosch.

"Even as early as May, every day is just that much closer to a freeze. It really does wear on you, and it’s always on our minds."

If things go wrong after they plant, farmers have a second deadline for re-planting. This usually falls ten days after the original date, and they are still able to qualify for the insurance.

“We had a little trouble the first go-around here, so we just decided to plant that little bit,” Brosch said, pointing to some of the new cotton seeds he had to re-plant. "It's all just a guessing game, and we are just doing the best we can out here."

Despite the delays, he says they are optimistic about this year’s crop.


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